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VECTRA® Now with 360° Body Imaging

Canfield has introduced a ground-breaking capability for VECTRA face and body systems: 360° body imaging in high resolution 3D. With this new feature, a front and back view of the patient are automatically stitched together into a single, seamless wraparound image, giving the physician and patient an unprecedented understanding of the structural and aesthetic appearance of a patient’s body. 

Canfield Offers a Complete Line of Consultation Apps for iPad

Canfield’s new consultation apps for the iPad® combine powerful image based patient communications with the convenience of a tablet.  You can now access your complete database of patient images and data from anywhere in the facility with our most compelling consultation tools literally at your fingertips. Apps are now available for Canfield’s VISIA® Complexion Analysis System, Reveal® Facial Imager and Mirror® medical imaging software. Each employs a graphical interface and consultation tool set that will be immediately familiar to users of the desktop application.

Canfield Scientific Named Exclusive Worldwide Distributor of PRIMOS Lite 3D Systems

LMI Technologies has named Canfield Scientific the exclusive worldwide distributor of the highly respected PRIMOS Lite family of 3D optical systems.  PRIMOS systems are the recognized standard in small-field, 3D surface skin imaging for clinical research in-vivo measurement. They are widely used for the analysis of the effectiveness of cosmetic products and medical active ingredients. Optical in-vivo measurements with PRIMOS offer a fast and efficient solution for evaluating skin roughness and smoothness, including line and surface roughness. Other applications of PRIMOS include measuring facial wrinkles, scars and wounds, acne, lips, and cellulite.

VECTRA® WB360 - 3D Whole Body Imaging System

The largest organ in a human body is the skin. It accounts for up to 10% of a person's body weight, and covers, on average, about 21 square feet. For dermatologists who need to monitor patients at risk for melanoma, the traditional method has been Total Body Photography. This involves a series of about 25 photographs covering most of the body surface. Now, with a single image capture, the VECTRA WB360 produces a three dimensional photograph that includes nearly all of the patient's exposed skin.

VEOS® SLR Dermoscopic Camera

The new VEOS SLR provides clinicians with advanced technology dermoscopic image capture in a compact, easy to use system. Using a unique LED flash based illumination system, the VEOS SLR can sequentially capture cross-polarized and non-polarized images in either contact or non-contact modes. The result is remarkably high quality and consistent dermoscopic and macro images of lesions and hair.

TwinFlash® RL Clinical Camera

Canfield's new TwinFlash RL delivers the most critical elements of high quality clinical photography in a single, easy to use system. Built in ranging lights assure precise, repeatable positioning for every subject and time point. Exact camera-to-subject distance is assured when the dual light beams intersect to a single point. Ranging lights turn on automatically with a tap of the shutter and release and extinguish when it is fully depressed for image capture.

Automatic Image Stitching for VECTRA H1

New software for the VECTRA® H1 handheld camera allows users to automatically stitch multiple patient views into a single, high resolution three dimensional image. This breakthrough technology delivers exceptional value in a high quality 3D imaging solution that can be used in any location for a wide range of purposes. And because the compact VECTRA H1 handles like a standard digital camera, its operation will be instantly familiar to users. Simply photograph the desired patient views. The automatic stitching software does the rest. The result is a seamless 3D image comparable to those from non-portable systems.

ViewMyConsult® Patient Portal

ViewMyConsult™ from Canfield Imaging Systems, helps patients and physicians stay connected as they consider the possibilities of a wide range of aesthetic procedures. By accessing a secure, password protected web portal, patients can now view their clinical photographs, aesthetic simulations and treatment recommendations in the comfort and privacy of their own home. The portal also provides access to educational content and allows patients to communicate with the doctor or schedule procedures.

New Consultation Tools for VISIA Complexion Analysis System

Skin care professionals now have two exciting new consultation tools for Canfield's VISIA Complexion Analysis Systems. TruSkin Age™ compares a patient's facial skin features to a vast database of their peers to calculate their relative skin age. For example, a 35 year old woman whose skin is in excellent condition may be evaluated with a skin age of 29, or vice versa. The TruSkin Age tool analyzes eight different skin features including wrinkles, surface spots, and UV damage, to determine the patient's skin condition and age. This composite score provides an easy to understand metric that can guide the selection of skin care and treatment options.

Introducing VEOS™ Next Generation Dermatoscopes

The innovative new VEOS dermatoscopes from Canfield combine ease of use with the power of mobile imaging. VEOS HD1 and HD2 deliver crisp, bright visualization in a compact, ergonomic design with a choice of lighting options. VEOS DS3 provides a complete digital dermoscopy solution with a swing away lens for overview photos, touch screen controls and dual mode lighting.

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