Webinar Schedule

Courses are offered monthly for existing Canfield customers. Training will be conducted using the most current version of software. Courses are free for customers with Canfield Care or $250 if the Canfield Care agreement has expired.


October 22nd, 12:00PM EDT
Reveal® Imager

Learn how to use the Reveal Imager to create excitement in your business and improve your facial aesthetic consultations. Our experts will show how Reveal's RBX Red and Brown images translate into treatment and product recommendations for your customers, and more conversions. You'll also pick up proven tips for consistent, professional quality photographs.Approximately 60 minutes

October 23rd, 3:00PM EDT

With the ViewMyConsult® patient portal, patients can view their clinical photographs, aesthetic simulations and treatment recommendations in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Physicians can access a feature-rich dashboard with access to  clear analytics on patient visits, including  business analytics about their practice. 

Approximately 30 minutes

October 24th, 3:00PM EDT
Marketing Your Imaging Solution

Learn marketing techniques for positioning your Canfield product. Our experts will show how website integration, social media marketing and themed events can increase consultations for your practice - approximately 45 minutes.

Approximately 45 minutes

October 29th, 3:00PM EDT
VISIA® - What Not To DoNew

Learn what simple mistakes can impact your patients’ images when using your VISIA® system. This webinar will provide you with all of the information needed for the best VISIA image capture.

Approximately 30 minutes

October 30th, 3:00PM EDT
Clinical PhotographyFree

Learn how to use photographic documentation in dermatology, plastic surgery and aesthetic practices. This webinar covers camera selection, lighting, posing, and proven techniques to achieve clinical quality photographs, before-and-after pictures, and more. The webinar is conducted by Bill Witmer, noted authority on modern clinical imaging practice. Mr. Witmer is Director of DermaTrak Skin Imaging Centers and has over 30 years of medical photography experience at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center. He has published and lectured extensively on Total Body Photography, dermatological photography, and the use of digital imaging in the clinical environment.Approximately 90 minutes