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This Healthy Aging Month, Educate and Motivate with Canfield’s VISIA® Skin Analysis

September is Healthy Aging Month, a time dedicated to highlighting the importance of prioritizing well-being as we grow older. Aging is natural, and with the right care and attention, your clients can age gracefully while maintaining their health and vitality. One essential aspect of healthy aging often overlooked is skin health. It is important to understand and educate clients on their current skin condition and age. This is why Canfield’s advanced VISIA Skin Analysis plays such an important role in consultations.

Canfield’s 2023 Summer Internship Program!

Canfield Scientific has concluded our 2023 summer internship program. This year we welcomed six highly talented undergraduates in joining us to contribute to groundbreaking projects. Our internship program provides a hands-on experience in a collaborative work environment that delivers newfound insights about the intern’s interested field of study.

Sunscreen Protection Day: Motivate Your Clients to Be Proactive with VISIA®

Today is Sunscreen Protection Day, a day to remind patients of the sun’s UV rays and the potential for long-term skin damage. UV spots on the skin develop because of the absorption of UV light by the epidermal melanin just below the skin surface. While UV Spots might not be visible on the skin just yet, as the skin matures, the effects usually rise to the surface. Therefore, it is imperative to motivate your patients to be proactive in their skincare and sunscreen routine.

Celebrating National Clinical Trials Day

May 20th marks an important day in the world of healthcare and medical research, National Clinical Trials Day. This annual observance serves as a reminder of the significant impact that clinical trials have on improving patient care, advancing medical knowledge, and ultimately saving lives. On this day, Canfield Scientific celebrates the pivotal role clinical trials play in improving healthcare outcomes, discovering new treatments, and pushing the boundaries of medical knowledge.

Skin Cancer Awareness Month – Enhance Screenings Worldwide

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, a time dedicated to spreading awareness, encouraging regular screenings, and supporting ongoing research into skin conditions caused by sun damage. Canfield Scientific’s 3D whole-body imaging solution VECTRA® WB360 has become synonymous with medical innovation and research in the field of dermatology and continues to help further research and enhance screening consultations worldwide.

National Doctors’ Day, Spotlighting Dr. Allen D. Rosen and Dr. Robyn Siperstein, M.D.

National Doctors’ Day honors the dedicated professionals in the healthcare industry who contribute to their patients and their communities. From the plastic surgery and medical dermatology clinics and institutions to multi-site, multi-continent clinical studies, our state-of-the-art imaging systems have been used by thousands of providers worldwide. We appreciate those who make it their mission to help others and, today, we are spotlighting two doctors doing just that: Dr. Allen D. Rosen of the Plastic Surgery Group in Montclair, NJ, and Dr. Robyn Siperstein, M.D. of the Siperstein Dermatology Group in Boynton Beach, FL.

National Innovation Day With Canfield Scientific

February 16th is National Innovation Day, which highlights new advancements and ideas by innovators that contribute to the world of science and technology. With our emphasis on customer driven innovation, the Canfield difference is science. We create leading technology assets independently and in partnership with industry, academia, and research centers. We solve complex skin imaging problems in the medical and research fields. With our rapidly growing team of dedicated researchers, scientists, technicians, and more, this past year we introduced advanced solutions for the medical dermatology, plastic surgery, aesthetics, and clinic research industries including:

Happy Holidays from Canfield and YCS!

From all of us here at Canfield Scientific, we wish you a healthy Holiday season and a Happy New Year! For over twenty years, Canfield Scientific has been sponsoring a Holiday Gift Donation for the children of Youth Consultation Service (YCS). With locations throughout New Jersey, YCS focuses on helping families stay together during a crisis with intervention and counseling. The illustrations you see here are the work of these children and we are honored to be able to support them this Holiday season.

Happy Holidays from Canfield

On behalf of our valued clients this holiday season, Canfield Scientific, Inc. has made a donation to the Youth Consultation Service (YCS) residential homes for children.Throughout the years employees have also contributed over 1,000 presents to the children as part of an annual gift drive.

Canfield Team Walks to Find a Cure for Lung Cancer

Canfield Scientific friends and family gathered on November 5th, 2016 to participate in the NYC Breathe Deep Walk to support Lung Cancer Research. Team Bill Canfield was formed in 2009 to honor our friend, coworker and brother, and has participated in the walk every year since to raise funds to find a cure for this terrible disease.