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World Cancer Day 2024 with Canfield’s VECTRA® WB360

  • February 4, 2024
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February 4th is World Cancer Day, which provides an opportunity to reinforce the pivotal role skin health plays in patients’ lives. Healthy skin is not just a cosmetic concern; it reflects overall health and wellness. Dermatological conditions, including skin cancer, require awareness, and a proactive approach to diagnosis and treatment. Regular skin examinations stand as a cornerstone in early detection, and early detection saves lives. Medical dermatology imaging has witnessed remarkable advancements over the years and Canfield Scientific’s VECTRA WB360 stands at the forefront of innovation. With VECTRA WB360, patients have their entire body scanned in seconds. The system captures patient images using 46 stereo vision pods with cross-polarized and non-polarized lighting, generating a single 3D image of the entire body. Canfield’s DermaGraphix® software uses these 3D images to identify new and changed lesions.

Dermatologists and healthcare professionals should encourage their patients to be proactive in monitoring their skin for changes or abnormalities. With these technology advancements, routine skin exams have become more accessible, empowering individuals to take charge of their skin health. World Cancer Day serves as a reminder to prioritize these skin examinations, fostering a culture of early detection that significantly improves outcomes.

Canfield’s VECTRA WB360 has been installed in over 75 clinics around the world and has played a crucial role in research to map, monitor, and document pigmented lesions. These groundbreaking studies and initiatives from distinguished institutions such as The Australian Centre of Excellence in Melanoma Imaging and Diagnosis (ACEMID) and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NY, U.S., pave the way for developing preventive strategies, and a deeper understanding of the factors contributing to skin cancer.

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