Canfield is always open to exploring and engaging in partnerships. Whether you are looking to distribute Canfield products or collaborate on the development of new technology, Canfield would like to speak with you and appreciates your interest in exploring partnering relationships.

What are the benefits of forming a partnership with Canfield?

The vision of Canfield is to cultivate and extend our leadership role as a cutting edge healthcare technology company. Our unique "one stop shop" presence as the producer of innovative, high quality imaging products as well as a major service provider for clinical studies is what sets us apart and gives your company the edge needed to succeed.

Canfield's unique business model is what makes us the right partner for your company...

Canfield has established strongholds amongst the world's top Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Pharmaceutical, and Research. The mutually beneficial combination of our clinical and commercial services has enabled Canfield to attract and retain some of the top minds in clinical research, beginning with our Project Management staff.

Canfield's commercial operations professionals regularly work in tandem with our Clinical Services Project Managers to creatively and effectively execute studies. This collaborative culture benefits each group, as key staff members work across project platforms, bolstering their professional development and expertise. This helps members of both Clinical Services and commercial projects develop a greater understanding of all aspects of our capabilities, enabling them to adapt to any study or situation and to contribute at any point to the clinical research process.

What types of opportunities do we offer?

Product and Technology Partnerships:

Canfield is by far one of the best choices your business can make when looking for strategic collaboration. We are always open to joining up with industry, academia, and government agencies.

Distribution US and International:

Canfield's Imaging Systems products speak for themselves in terms of quality, functionality, and versatility. In the US, we primarily utilize our own sales force to market our products but are open to possible Distributors if determined to be a good fit, supplement to our current operations. Internationally, however, we recognize that distributors have first-hand knowledge of customer's demanding requirements and play an important role in bringing leading edge solutions to global markets. We provide support, training, and tradeshow assistance to ensure our distributors success.

Developer Connection Program:

The Canfield Imaging Systems Developer Connection Program combines our industry-leading imaging software offerings with the innovative products and solutions of third-party developers and systems integrators.