Integrated Solutions
Clinical Services Team
Integrated Solutions

Photography systems tethered with intuitive Canfield Capture® software provide solutions for the investigator site to capture consistently high quality, easily reproducible images for your clinical study. Our systems are customizable, and designed specifically for your protocol, ranging from the most sophisticated systems, to point & shoot cameras, to mobile capabilities.

Camera & Lighting Systems

Canfield offers a variety of high-quality 2D and 3D camera systems to match your study requirements. The systems are tethered to our proprietary Canfield Capture Software and Clinical Services Website.

Photography is light based imaging and we understand the importance of flash positioning and multiple lighting modalities to best represent your clinical efficacy.

Canfield Capture Software

Canfield Capture is an intuitive software that coupled with Canfield photography equipment improves the imaging experience. Easy to use, and configured specifically per study protocol, Canfield Capture sets the standard for clinical imaging. Subject information is captured electronically and programmed to eliminate queries, the software controls camera settings and submits images directly to our secure Clinical Services website for review.

This integration allows for the most consistently repeatable images. Using our image overlay tool, the subject's stored baseline image is displayed to have the live follow-up view consistently captured ensuring the same target area and exact match pose.

Clinical Services Website

Transparency of the image process is at your fingertips, with the study database available at all the times. High Resolution images can be viewed statically or comparatively. Status reports provide a quick overview of studies and can be exported for reporting. Our communication with the sites is highly visible and query resolution is documented.