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Objective: This study aimed to investigate the reproducibility and accuracy of the Visia® Complexion Analysis Camera System by Canfield Scientific for objective skin analysis.

Hair loss, complex due to individual and ethnic variations, remains difficult to visually quantify. Previous research suggests hair loss becomes noticeable to patients only after a 50% reduction in total scalp hair; however, no study has defined the minimal change in hair counts which result in noticeable hair loss. Our study sought to identify when hair loss becomes noticeable to professionals, thereby informing treatment initiation and adjustment and setting realistic patient expectations.

Burn injuries are the fourth most common type of trauma and are associated with substantial morbidity and mortality. The impact of burn injury is clinically significant as burn injuries often give rise to exuberant scarring. Hypertrophic scarring (HTS) is a particular concern as up to 70% of burns patients develop HTS. Laser therapy is used for treating HTS and has shown positive clinical outcomes, although the mechanisms remain unclear limiting approaches to improve its effectiveness. Emerging evidence has shown that fibroblasts and senescent cells are important modifiers of scarring. This study aims to investigate the cellular kinetics in HTS after laser therapy, with a focus on the association of scar reduction with the presence of senescent cells.

Methods for assessing three-dimensional (3D) breast volume are becoming increasingly popular in breast surgery. However, the precision of intraoperative volumetric assessment is still unclear. Until now, only non-validated scanning systems have been used for intraoperative volumetric analyses.

Preoperative prediction of breast volume is very important in planning breast reconstruction. In this study, we assessed the usefulness of a novel method for preoperative estimation of mastectomy volume by comparing the weight of actual mastectomy specimens with the values predicted by the developed method using the Vectra H2.

Facial aging is a gradual process that involves a complex interaction of several factors, including loss of subcutaneous volume, deep bone resorption and tissue laxity. To promote rejuvenation, it is extremely important to restructure the multiple layers of the face, initially by inducing collagen synthesis and tissue contraction. Thus, the combination of Poly-L-lactic Acid and Microfocused Ultrasound has proven to be increasingly effective for treating flaccidity and as a collagen biostimulating technique.

Background: Acne vulgaris remains the leading dermatological condition. The efficacy of laser treatment has been supported by many clinical studies, but studies investigating its multidimensional action are lacking. Aim: To comprehensively investigate the efficacy of 1450-nm diode laser treatment in patients with inflammatory acne and provide objective and subjective data for doctors in clinical practice.

Background: Studies have reported promising results of mesenchymal stem cell therapies for skin aging. However, in the use of mesenchymal stem cells, some drawbacks including rarely possible tumorigenicity and low engraftment rates have limited their widespread clinical use. Adipose tissue stem cell-derived exosomes (ASCEs) are emerging as effective cell-free therapeutic agents.

Background: Skin aging is a complex multifactorial progressive process. With age, intrinsic and extrinsic factors cause the loss of skin elasticity, with the formation of wrinkles, resulting in skin sagging through various pathways. A combination of multiple bioactive peptides could be used as a treatment for skin wrinkles and sagging.

Patients undergoing plastic surgery of the breasts often communicate their size expectations as a brassiere cup size. However, multiple factors may cause a miscommunication between the surgeon and patient when brassiere cup size is used as a measure of results. The aim of this study was to determine the degree of agreement between disclosed and estimated brassiere cup size and also interrater agreement.