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Case Study: Wheeling Hospital Center for Skin Cancer and Melanoma

Wheeling Hospital in West Virginia relies on Canfield DermaGraphix IntelliStudio to screen for skin cancer and dangerous melanomas. The Center for Skin Cancer and Melanoma was the inaugural user of a new generation of 2D Mole Mapping with Total Body Photography.

Case Study: Marc D. Epstein, M.D.

Marc D. Epstein, M.D. has the winning formula for a success in his plastic surgery practice. Excellent outcomes, for sure, but also giving patients what they can't get from his competitors; the ability to see their results in advance of the surgery with VECTRA 3D. See how good medicine and extraordinary patient communications have propelled his practice to the upper echelons of aesthetic surgery.

Case Study: Allen D. Rosen, MD

For Dr. Allen D. Rosen, the patient experience is a key element in his plastic surgery practice. That's one reason he uses VECTRA 3D aesthetic simulations to help set realistic expectations for his procedures. By engaging patients in a visual consultation using 3D images of their own anatomy, he finds they have increased confidence to proceed, and are more likely to be satisfied with the results.

Case Study: Val Lambros, M.D.

To discover what actually happens during facial aging, Dr. Lambros is using the capability of Canfield's VECTRA 3D photography to record and measure the gradual facial changes that occur over the course of this multi-year study. He plans to "follow them for five, ten, fifteen, twenty years...We have real information, not just assumptions."

Case Study: Monte O. Harris, M.D.

Dr. Monte Harris came to appreciate the value of photography in a clinical environment, even before the rapid emergence of digital imaging. His continuing interest in new technology has kept Dr. Harris on the leading edge, not only of medicine, but of clinical imaging, and it is that interest which brought him to Canfield Imaging Systems as he started his practice in Washington, DC.

Case Study: Michael H. Gold, MD.

High quality medical photography is a key component of patient care at the Gold Skin Care Center (GSCC) of Nashville, Tennessee. Seeing clear differences in before and after results drives continuous improvement and growth in patient services, and has established this practice as a leading center for laser and light-based aesthetic services in the region.