Data Management
Clinical Services Team
Data Management

We recognize the importance of quality during every stage of the study to provide every client with data that is credible, reliable, and in alignment with applicable Regulatory requirements.

Qualitative Analysis

We work with experts in the field, the top doctors, to review images and provide their assessment for endpoint submission. Canfield's clinical data management team consists of highly skilled staff with an understanding of clinical studies on multiple levels. Work directly with the team to strengthen the value of your important data for a successful clinical program.

Data Integrity

No stock photo here, our servers are state of art, meeting all industry requirements. Paired with our Clinical Services Website, we offer a variety of features to best meet your study needs:

  • Data Transfer Specifications
  • Test Transfers
  • Data Transfers
  • Visit/Enrollment Tracking Reports
  • Custom Reporting
  • Third-Party Data Integration
  • Image Transfer
  • Data Reconciliation