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Setting Up and Utilizing the Industry Brand Library

What is the Industry Brand Library? The Industry Brand Library is a cloud-based service that helps make personalized treatment recommendations to patients during consultations and increases your conversion rates and total basket size. Easily add products, treatments, and services to patient reports from your Canfield imaging system. The Industry Brand Library is integrated with Canfield’s VISIA®, Reveal® and the VECTRA® with Skin Analysis. The Library has an extensive list of over 200 international brands available. All brands in the Library are managed directly by the manufacturers, allowing you to provide your patients with the most accurate information about their treatments, products and services.

Improve Your Imaging Results with VISIA®

Client preparation is key to getting the highest quality imaging results from your VISIA. Here are five easy steps you can take to properly prepare your client for their image captures and get the most out of your VISIA. 

Canfield’s Advanced AI-Driven Hair Consultation Solution: HairMetrix®

At the forefront of innovation and technology, Canfield’s HairMetrix software is the first ever AI-driven, non-invasive hair consultation. With advanced artificial intelligence, the system allows for appropriate treatment plans and objective outcome monitoring that can be easily communicated to your patients.