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Canfield’s Advanced AI-Driven Hair Consultation Solution: HairMetrix®

At the forefront of innovation and technology, Canfield’s HairMetrix software is the first ever AI-driven, non-invasive hair consultation. With advanced artificial intelligence, the system allows for appropriate treatment plans and objective outcome monitoring that can be easily communicated to your patients.

Why is fast AI processing beneficial to my business? 

HairMetrix’s advanced AI algorithms provide a fully automated, objective, and real-time analysis of the patient’s areas of concern on their scalp. Quantitative results are delivered within seconds of the image capture, without special scalp or hair preparation, or having to wait days for the results to be returned. With the step-by-step guided capture, it is a faster, smoother, and simpler capture process for both staff and patients, leading to faster conversion decisions. 

HairMetrix’s AI analysis includes:

  • Hair count per cm²
  • Sum of hair width per cm²
  • Terminal to Vellus Ratio
  • Average number of hairs per follicular unit
  • Average hair width
  • Follicle count per cm²
  • Inter-follicular mean distance (mm)

These metrics individually and collectively allow for appropriate treatment plans and objective outcome monitoring of progress over time that your patients can easily understand.

To learn more about HairMetrix, click here.