VECTRA Webinar Schedule


May 13th, 10:00AM EDT
VECTRA® H2 Capture Tips & Techniques

Learn how to use the VECTRA® H2 camera for face, breast and body. This webinar will provide instructions for multiple captures, which are automatically stitched into one 3D image.

Approximately 30 minutes

May 20th, 12:00PM EDT
Facial Contouring & Markerless TrackingNewAdvanced Class

Learn how to use VECTRA® software for assessing and simulating non-surgical facial procedures in 3D. This VECTRA Advanced Class will show you how to complete 3D consultations for fillers, liposuction, toxins, skin resurfacing and more.

Approximately 30 minutes

PATIENT Education & Marketing

May 20th, 12:00PM EDT

Learn how to utilize Canfield's ViewMyConsult Client Portal to increase patient communication and education in this Master Class specializing in VECTRA Patient Education & Marketing. 

Approximately 30 minutes



May 13th, 3:00PM EDT
VECTRA® - How to Calculate Volume & MeasurementsNew

Learn how to calculate volume & measurements in VECTRA.

Approximately 45 minutes