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Plastic Surgery on Australia's Gold Coast

Pausing to adjust her sunglasses, a fashionably dressed woman emerged from the Hatteras 70 motor yacht docked at Marina Mirage in Australia's Gold Coast. Walking past the outdoor cafe and through the glass doorway to the reception area, she settled into a comfortable chair by the window. From there she could gaze out over the water while awaiting her appointment at Queensland's acclaimed beauty destination, the Esteem Medi Spa.

Automatic Image Stitching for VECTRA H1

New software for the VECTRA® H1 handheld camera allows users to automatically stitch multiple patient views into a single, high resolution three dimensional image. This breakthrough technology delivers exceptional value in a high quality 3D imaging solution that can be used in any location for a wide range of purposes. And because the compact VECTRA H1 handles like a standard digital camera, its operation will be instantly familiar to users. Simply photograph the desired patient views. The automatic stitching software does the rest. The result is a seamless 3D image comparable to those from non-portable systems.

ViewMyConsult® Patient Portal

ViewMyConsult™ from Canfield Imaging Systems, helps patients and physicians stay connected as they consider the possibilities of a wide range of aesthetic procedures. By accessing a secure, password protected web portal, patients can now view their clinical photographs, aesthetic simulations and treatment recommendations in the comfort and privacy of their own home. The portal also provides access to educational content and allows patients to communicate with the doctor or schedule procedures.

New Consultation Tools for VISIA Complexion Analysis System

Skin care professionals now have two exciting new consultation tools for Canfield's VISIA Complexion Analysis Systems. TruSkin Age™ compares a patient's facial skin features to a vast database of their peers to calculate their relative skin age. For example, a 35 year old woman whose skin is in excellent condition may be evaluated with a skin age of 29, or vice versa. The TruSkin Age tool analyzes eight different skin features including wrinkles, surface spots, and UV damage, to determine the patient's skin condition and age. This composite score provides an easy to understand metric that can guide the selection of skin care and treatment options.

Canfield Aids Operation Smile with VECTRA® 3D

For the dedicated doctors and staff of Operation Smile, overcoming challenges comes with the territory. Travelling the globe to some of the poorest places on earth, they have performed life changing surgeries for over 200,000 children afflicted with cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities. Among the many challenges they face is the ongoing need to photographically document their work and evaluate the outcomes. And that's what brought Maria Ansley to Canfield Imaging Systems in preparation for a recent mission to Nicaragua.

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