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Skin Cancer Awareness Month – Proactiveness and Prevention

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, a dedicated time to encourage proactive skin screening to facilitate early prevention and timely treatment of the most common cancer in the U.S1. Canfield Scientific’s VECTRA® WB360 whole-body imaging system has become synonymous with medical innovation in the field of dermatology for revolutionizing research and enhancing screening examinations globally.

With VECTRA WB360, patients have their entire body photographed in seconds. Integrated with advanced DermaGraphix® software, dermatologists are able to monitor skin changes over time, assist with crucial early diagnoses, and offer timely treatment to patients. 

                                  The system captures patient images using 46 stereo vision pods with cross-polarized
                                         and non-polarized lighting, generating a single 3D image of the entire body.

Dermatological conditions, including skin cancer, require awareness from both patients and providers. Educating patients about UV exposure risks and advocating sun-safe practices, such as wearing protective clothing, seeking shade, and diligently applying broad-spectrum sunscreen—encourages them to mitigate their risk of skin cancer2. The DermaGraphix Self-Examination Viewer serves as an invaluable tool to empower patients. Through a secure, HIPPA-compliant web portal with multi-factor authorization, patients can access their overview and close-up images to monitor changes in between office visits,

Beyond individual care, VECTRA WB360 contributes significantly to ongoing research studies and medical dermatology examinations worldwide, empowering patients, providers, and researchers. This month, and every month, let us prioritize preventive strategies and a deeper understanding of skin health.

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