Body Mapping Solution

DermaGraphix® body mapping software and the Canfield IntelliStudio deliver fast and repeatable total body photography to any practice. Built in body map templates guide the photographer to quickly capture standardized overview images with the tethered SLR camera. The unique IntelliPanel® lighting system provides clinical quality lighting perfectly balanced for uniform skin imaging. Integrated ranging lights assure precise camera-to-subject distance and repeatable subject positioning. And when combined with the VEOS DS3, wirelessly capture and tag dermoscopic lesion images to the body map sector photographs.


The DermaGraphix dashboard organizes patient images for optimal review and assessment.

DermaGraphix dashboard

View all captures of the same lesion in a single column; all lesions captured during the same visit in a single row.

Filter, search, and sort images by selectable attribute.

Secure HL7 compatible image management system.

Easy surveillance with side-by-side comparison of overview and dermoscopic images

side by side comparison

Body maps are linked to ensure the same anatomical site is visible in both views.

Compare all image capture and lighting modalities side-by-side.

Full screen close-up image review with zoom capability.

Tag dermoscopic images to overview photos for efficient exams and accurate follow-ups.

Tag dermoscopic images

Wireless tagging or USB tethering with compatible dermatoscopes.

All images associated with a lesion are linked to a unique number and tagged to the body map.

Selectable tagging routines provided to accommodate workflow preferences.

One-touch navigation quickly steps the clinician through all tagged lesions.

All photos, notes and attributes associated with a lesion are available for instant review and comparison.

DermaGraphix Viewer empowers patients to check for changes between office visits.

  • Simple, intuitive user interface.
  • Includes both overview and close-up images.
  • Data stored on a secure, password protected and encrypted USB flash drive.