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Advancing Skin Screenings: Dr. Charles E. Mount III and Director Howard Edington, MD Discuss VECTRA® WB360 at AHN Cancer Institute with CBS News

The CBS News Eye on Health recently highlighted Canfield's groundbreaking VECTRA WB360 whole-body imaging system, now in use at Allegheny Health Network (AHN) Cancer Institute in Pittsburgh, PA. This innovative system, equipped with 46 stereo vision pods utilizing cross-polarized and non-polarized lighting, produces highly detailed 3D images of the entire body in a single scan. Powered by Canfield's advanced DermaGraphix® software, these images play a vital role in the surveillance of pigmented lesions and rashes.

Dr. Charles E. Mount III, Associate Director at the center, along with Dr. Howard Edington, Surgical Oncologist and Director, discussed how the integration of VECTRA® WB360 with DermaGraphix® software enhances early diagnosis and enables continuous skin monitoring. Dr. Mount emphasized its ability to detect new moles or lesions and monitor changes in shape, size, color, and texture—critical indicators for potential skin cancer.

The inaugural patient to undergo this comprehensive imaging, Katrina Barger, presented a challenging case with 745 lesions requiring diligent monitoring. Thanks to the efficiency of the whole-body imaging system, which is initiated with a single click, a suspicious lesion was identified, potentially preventing a serious oversight. Dr. Edington underscored the system's advantage in managing a large volume of changing moles, relieving both patient and physician of the burden of manual tracking. Katrina, now an advocate for skin cancer awareness, actively supports initiatives like the Pittsburgh Melanoma Foundation, contributing to research efforts and facilitating access to cutting-edge technologies like the VECTRA WB360 for hospitals.

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