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Canfield’s VECTRA® WB360 installed at the Skin Cancer Unit at Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, providing 3D whole-body imaging for Prof. Josep Malvehy and Dr. Susana Puig

Canfield’s VECTRA® WB360 3D whole-body imaging system was recently installed at the Skin Cancer Unit at the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona. The whole-body imaging system will assist Prof. Josep Malvehy, Dr. Susana Puig, and their colleagues as they capture patient images and track pigmented lesions on the skin’s surface. Prof. Malvehy is the Director of the Clinic’s Skin Care Unit and a world-renowned leader in the research, diagnosis, and treatment of skin cancer. Dr. Susanna Puig is the Head of the Dermatology Service and an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of melanoma and other skin cancers, while also specializing in confocal microscopy. Both Prof. Malvehy and Dr. Susana Puig are responsible for the introduction and validation of numerous diagnostic techniques for skin cancer and have published more than 400 research articles on the subject in international journals. The newly installed VECTRA WB360 system will provide Prof. Malvehy and Dr. Puig advanced body mapping technology and information from patient images that can further their clinical research. This installation is the second VECTRA WB360 system in Spain, with the first installed in Madrid at Grupo de Dermatologia Pedro Jaen where it is currently being used by Prof. Salvador Gonzalez.