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VISIA® Complexion Analysis System Wins 2018 Aestheticians’ Choice Awards

Revolutionizing skin care consultations for over ten years, the VISIA® Complexion Analysis System has been voted best-in-class by aestheticians world-wide for 2018, and has been nominated again for 2019.

The award-winning VISIA® Complexion Analysis System delivers a state-of-the art skin care consultation experience. Quantitative analysis enables you to document and track treatment progress over time and clients are empowered to make informed decisions on skin care products and treatment options. Canfield’s IntelliFlash® technology-based lighting, RBX® Technology, and UV flashes provide clear visibility of eight surface and subsurface skin features, and VISIA’s patented comparison-to-norms analysis enables individual patient comparisons to a peer group of the same gender, age, and skin type.

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