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VECTRA® WB360 whole-body imaging system installed in Konz, Germany to assist Dr. Gerd Kautz and Dr. Ingrid Kautz with screenings and prevention

Canfield’s VECTRA WB360 whole-body imaging system was recently installed at the clinic of Dr. Gerd Kautz and Dr. Ingrid Kautz in Konz, Germany, becoming the first system installed in a German private practice. The 3D imaging system will assist Dr. Gerd Kautz, his wife Dr. Ingrid Kautz, and other staff members as they examine patients for the earliest signs of melanoma using the system’s advanced body mapping technology. The VECTRA WB360 captures patient images using 92 SLR-cameras flashing with polarized and cross-polarized lighting for an enhanced look at skin features. After the images are captured, clinicians can view the entire skin’s surface using Canfield’s AI-driven DermaGraphix software, as they screen for signs of melanoma and monitor changes over time. Starting in early October, staff members at the practice will use the system to examine individual lesions and monitor their patients for potential skin cancer. Their practice is now the fifth VECTRA WB360 installation in Germany, including installations at the University Hospital in Erlangen, University Hospital in Munich, University Hospital in Dresden, and the Technical University of Munich.