Canfield News

The first VECTRA® WB360 whole-body imaging system in Greece, donated by Onassis Foundation, has just been installed in “Andreas Syggros” Hospital Melanoma and Skin Cancer Center

Canfield’s VECTRA WB360 whole-body imaging system was recently donated to the “Andreas Syggros” Hospital by the Onassis Foundation, marking the first WB360 system to be featured in a Greek hospital. This system, which can offer 3D imaging through 46 stereo-vision pods that take pictures with cross-polarized and non-polarized lighting, generating a single 3D image of the entire body, is considered the future of Dermatology and Skin Oncology. As an addition to the newly reconstructed Melanoma and Skin Cancer Center, the 3D imaging system will provide clinicians and researchers the ability to identify changes in suspicious lesions on the surface of the skin over time. The WB360 creates a precise 3D body map of the patient, which gives “Andreas Syggros” Hospital a way to combat the country’s high rate of melanoma. As of today, VECTRA WB360, a synonym for medical innovation and research in the field of dermatology, will safeguard the extraordinary work undertaken in this updated Center.