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National Innovation Day With Canfield Scientific

  • February 16, 2023
  • Blog

February 16th is National Innovation Day, which highlights new advancements and ideas by innovators that contribute to the world of science and technology. With our emphasis on customer driven innovation, the Canfield difference is science. We create leading technology assets independently and in partnership with industry, academia, and research centers. We solve complex skin imaging problems in the medical and research fields. With our rapidly growing team of dedicated researchers, scientists, technicians, and more, this past year we introduced advanced solutions for the medical dermatology, plastic surgery, aesthetics, and clinic research industries including:

  • VECTRA® for MacOS®
    • VECTRA software allows you to assess, educate and simulate outcomes with 3D imaging of the Face, Breast and Body. Also runs natively on macOS.
  • IntelliStand®
    • The latest in 2D face and body image capture, IntelliStand enables faster, easier, standardized image captures.
  • Mirror® FaceReality
    • Instantly simulate natural outcomes based on your patient’s desired First Impression. Communicate a complete treatment plan resulting in more satisfied patients.
  • VECTRA H2® Wi-Fi
    • VECTRA® H2 - the most advanced solution for Face, Breast, and Body – is now wireless. Using Wi-Fi, the uploading process will now transfer captures seamlessly directly into the VECTRA® software patient chart. This system will no longer requires a cable to upload patient captures onto your computer.
  • VISIA-CR® is now updated to Generation 5.0
    • VISIA-CR is the standard in facial imaging for clinical research validation, with seven lighting environments, plus optional 3D PRIMOS, in one fast capture sequence. The latest edition, Gen 5, was released in 2022.

Canfield invests significantly in research and development to continue providing the highest quality, state-of-the-art imaging solutions to all of our customers. Learn more about each of these systems here.