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"It is the Way of the Future": Oracle Healthcare in Australia Discusses the benefits of VECTRA® WB360

Oracle Healthcare Skin Imaging Clinic, a health assessment clinic in Sydney, Australia, featured Canfield Scientific's trailblazing VECTRA® WB360 whole-body imaging system. This innovative system employs both cross-polarized and non-polarized lighting to generate an incredibly detailed 3D image of the entire body in a single capture. Powered by Canfield's state-of-the-art DermaGraphix® software, these images are pivotal in the surveillance of pigmented lesions and rashes.

Dr. Lena Attebo, general practitioner and founder of Oracle Healthcare, highlights the transformative impact of utilizing VECTRA WB360 with DermaGraphix software for assisting in early diagnosis for their patients. According to Dr. Attebo, who describes WB360 as “the way of the future”, the system enables her team to identify and analyze a range of skin conditions, including lesions, psoriasis, and vitiligo. Additionally, it can be utilized for plastic surgery planning and burn management.

Melanographer, Zac Werrett further explains the functionality of VECTRA WB360. He notes that its ability to capture the entire skin surface instantly and create a 3D avatar of a patient has significantly streamlined their workflow. The whole-body imaging system also allows for easy comparison of before and after images to track the growth and changes of lesions, enabling continuous skin monitoring for patients, according to Werrett.

With its comprehensive capabilities, Oracle Healthcare has lauded VECTRA WB360 as “the most technologically advanced skin mapping system available”1.

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