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Canfield’s VECTRA® WB360 installed at Vienna General Hospital to assist Prof. Harald Kittler and team members with melanoma surveillance and research

Canfield’s VECTRA WB360 3D whole body imaging system was recently installed at Vienna General Hospital (AKH) to assist researchers and clinicians as they capture and screen non-polarized and cross-polarized 3D patient images for signs of melanoma and other serious skin conditions. Prof. Kittler is a dermatologist and instructor at the Department of Dermatology at the Medical University of Vienna who specializes in digital dermoscopy. Prof. Kittler has also published several research articles on digital dermoscopy and the dermosopic follow up of melanocytic nevi, as well as contributing to research on patient image standardization. DermaGraphix’s tools will help Prof. Kittler and his colleagues screen patients and conduct advanced research on pigmented lesions more efficiently and effectively.