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RBX Technology Overview

Dermatologists and aesthetic skin care professionals are typically called upon to treat patients with various skin conditions, often in the facial area. In most cases, these conditions present themselves as localized discolorations and reflect skin tone variations or disturbances. Included among the unique challenges to the skin care professional are: the documentation as to the extent and nature of these conditions, the ability to communicate the need for specific treatments to the patient, and the ability to monitor the effectiveness of treatments over time. Where the visible presentation is subtle or is not visible to the unaided eye, these challenges are further exacerbated.

The use of suitable cameras, dermascopes, and various types of probes have proven to be useful. However, these instruments might not adequately present the condition clearly enough for the patient. The emergence of specialized imaging devices, such as the VISIA Complexion Analysis System, addresses these issues. A new technology with the trade name RBX, developed by Canfield Imaging Systems, enables these devices to see beneath the skin surface, visualizing specific conditions as related to both vascular disorders and hyper-pigmentation. RBX provides the professional with significant new capabilities to detect, analyze, and communicate a wider range of skin conditions and their associated treatments.

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