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Canfield's IntelliStudio®, recently donated to Specialist Medical Clinic, is used to raise money for Cancer Relief Gibraltar

Canfield’s IntelliStudio® integrated with DermaGraphix® software was donated to the Specialist Medical Clinic (SMC) as part of their new body-imaging service launched in May. The clinic is raising money for Cancer Relief Gibraltar (CR) in the efforts to increase awareness and encourage skin screenings for early detection. The clinic has already utilized automated total body imaging for 26 patients, discovering and removing several suspicious lesions for further examination. David Deardon, the Chief Executive of the Clinic, and his staff will continue to use this technology to examine individual lesions, record data and monitor patients over time. IntelliStudio is fully equipped with a motorized programmable lift, standardized templates, and automated sequencing to guide the user through 2D captures. DermaGraphix capture templates control camera settings and guide patient poses, while the motorized programmable lift ensures repeatable camera positions and lighting for consistent total body photography with minimal staff training. David Deardon, having been treated himself, states on the initiative: “I am so grateful for the care I personally received from the SMC and the CR Centre for me personally and am equally delighted that this idea, of gifting a mole mapping machine to the clinic, is helping other individuals and Cancer Relief at the same time.”

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