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Hoag Hospital Installs Cutting Edge VECTRA® WB360 Whole-Body Imaging System

Hoag Hospital of Newport Beach, California recently installed the first VECTRA WB360 whole-body imaging system on the West Coast. The whole-body imaging system offers 3D imaging through 46 stereo-vision pods that take pictures with cross-polarized and non-polarized lighting, generating a single 3D image of the entire body. Dr. Steven Wang, Hoag’s program director of dermatologic oncology was featured on Cision PR Newswire discussing how this initiative will enhance their screenings and research - streamlining care for patients that are high-risk. Dr. Wang states: “This highly innovative imaging system will allow our dermatologists to monitor suspicious lesions and track changes over time.” VECTRA WB360 will assist Dr. Wang and staff with examining patients while avoiding unnecessary biopsies by using the system’s advanced body mapping technology, DermaGraphix®.

Visit Hoag Hospital’s Melanoma & Skin Cancer Program for more information.

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