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Dr. Robyn Siperstein, MD, discusses Canfield’s revolutionary AI/AR technology and its role in consultations in MedEsthetics Magazine

Dr. Robyn Siperstein, MD, shares her experience with Canfield Scientific’s revolutionary Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology with MedEsthetics Magazine. She states: “With more than 15 years of experience as a practitioner in this field, I've been thrilled to witness how these cutting-edge tools are empowering providers and revolutionizing the patient experience.” Dr. Siperstein and her staff at the Siperstein Dermatology Group in South Florida seamlessly integrate AI and AR technology in patient consultations. Dr. Siperstein explains how she leverages the 2D and 3D imaging analysis and simulations of Canfield’s VISIA® and VECTRA® 3D to create options for highly customized treatments, ensure superior outcomes, and actively engage patients in their care journey. AI is also utilized in their hair transplant consultations with HairMetrix®– the first AI-driven, non-invasive hair consultation software pioneered by Canfield Scientific. Its unclipped insights and immediate in-depth analysis enable swift, precise decisions, especially for urgent cases or patients reluctant to sacrifice thinning hair for analysis.

As AI and AR technologies reshape the landscape of aesthetic and medical dermatology, Canfield Scientific remains at the forefront of these transformative technologies. Allowing treatment planning and outcomes to be more efficient and effective.

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