DANAOS Mole Analyzer


The VISIOMED D200EVO imaging system was developed in collaboration with the world's largest multi-center study for computer-based early recognition of skin cancer – DANAOS. This lead to the development of the diagnostic system - DANAOS Mole Analyzer.

Diagnostic Application
Europe Against Skin Cancer

The findings of the DANAOS study led to the development of the technically sophisticated and a scientifically sound DANAOS expert system. Developed by dermatologists for dermatologists, the system is a milestone in the early recognition of skin cancer.

The system can support in the analysis of:

  • melanoma skin cancer
  • non-melanoma skin cancers basal and squamous cell carcinomas
  • diseases of skin with defined vascular changes
  • parasitic diseases, foreign bodies etc.
  • before (pre-) and afterwards (post-) documentation of skin treatments
About the Study

A total of 14 renowned dermatological clinics in Europe as well as the Deutsche Krebshilfe were involved in this unique EC project.

Within the scope of this study more than 21,000 images of skin lesions were taken over a period of three years. These images were scientifically evaluated under the direction of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum’s dermatological clinic, using analysis software based on neural networks.

The cooperation of dermatologists throughout Europe allowed the establishment of a collection of data that is unique in its scope and validity worldwide.