The Standard
in Facial Imaging

Strengthen your claims with validated imaging tools.

Now includes PRIMOS 3D and integrated analysis.

Front View VISIA®-CR

7 lighting environments plus 3D PRIMOS in one fast capture sequence

Color Modes

Automatically capture Standard, Raked, Cross-Polarized, Parallel-Polarized, Narrow Band Blue Absorption, Narrow Band Blue Fluorescence, and UVA absorption lighting modes as well as 3D PRIMOS.


PRIMOS 3D fringe projection capture

By capturing the full face you are able to confirm standardization in both position and expression, providing greater confidence in your claims.



Post Toxin

4 weeks post toxin treatment

Wrinkle: Pre 4Wk Post Wk4 %ΔFU-BL/BL
Volume (mm3) 13.626.71-51%
Area (mm&) 136.8991.73-33%
Max Depth (mm) 0.520.32-38%
Avg Depth (mm) 0.080.06-28%
*x,y resolution 74-120µm

Clinical workstation equipped with motorized lift

Subjects may be photographed while standing or seated

More natural/repeatable posture and increased efficiency/throughput

Vibration-dampening pads for fixed installation

Pre-wired for a clean, professional, high-tech look

Includes mounted workstation-class imaging PC, 27-inch 4K display, and integrated keyboard tray