Capture 360° photos easily with the automated IntelliStage turntable.

Faster and Easier Image Captures

The safe, stable platform makes imaging comfortable for patients and faster and easier for the staff.


Automated Turntable

Provides easy capture of 360° photos

Ergonomic Design

Modern, sleek ergonomic design

Optimal Rotation

Rotates patients comfortably throughout captures

Multiple Controls

Can be flash-responsive or controlled with a remote


Frequently Asked Questions

When using the IntelliStage, how much space is required?

A total area of 7.5 feet/230 cm by 4 feet/122 cm is recommended for the IntelliStage and H2 photographer

How many pounds can the IntelliStage hold?

The IntelliStage can support 330 lbs/150 kg

Can the camera flash trigger the IntelliStage to move automatically?

The system can be moved automatically via Bluetooth, Flash Trigger, or the Remote Control. There are 8 modes pre-programmed into the system:

2D Camera :

  • Flash mode (must follow predetermined angles)
  • Remote Controller mode


  • Full support via Bluetooth(tether mode)
  • Flash mode
  • Remote Controller mode


  • Flash mode

Intellistudio :

  • Remote Controller mode
What are typical cleaning directions?

No maintenance, other than periodic cleaning, is required on the IntelliStage. Use a damp, lint-free cloth to wipe the surface of the IntelliStage. Do not apply fluid directly on the IntelliStage when cleaning. User may clean the IntelliStage with water and a mild, non-abrasive soap, followed by wiping the system with a cleaning product that contains no more than 1.4% hydrogen peroxide.

What are the system power, fuse and cord ratings of the IntelliStage?

Power 100-240 VAC, 1.2/0.8 A, 50/60 Hz
Power cord 250 VAC 10 A 230VAC; 125 VAC 10A for 120 VAC

What are the dimensions of the IntelliStage?