Embedded Software/Firmware Engineer

An ideal candidate for our open Embedded Software/Firmware Engineer is an individual who is experienced in C/C++ programming, works well independently and as part of a team, has strong communication skills, and is a self-starter that drives projects from start thru completion.

Job Description:

  •  To develop 2D and 3D image capture equipment utilizing CMOS/CCD cameras, high speed communications, photo-flashes and real time control
  •  Implementing embedded controllers using microcontrollers/DSP/SOM for various image capture systems
  •  Development of system on modules for image capture systems (Linux based)
  •  Development of firmware utilizing C/C++ programming

Core Requirements:

  • Minimum of 3 years embedded system programing experience
  •  Demonstrated experience in embedded Linux and design and developing driver for embedded systems   
  •  Good communication skills and a team player
  •  Proficient in implementing software and debugging embedded controllers/microcontrollers (eg: TI TM4C129, MSP430, ARM Cortex) and IDE tools (CCS from Ti)
  •  Demonstrated expertise in C/C++ Programming 
  •  Demonstrated expertise in developing software tools/drivers for testing and debugging electronics hardware 
  •  Self-starter that can drive projects from start thru completion 


  •  Hardware design experience
  •  Experienced with other programming languages
  •  Familiar with all aspects of product design (prototyping through full production release and ongoing current engineering)

Founded in 1987, Canfield Scientific, Inc. is a core imaging lab providing custom photographic systems, image monitoring, and centralized analysis services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics industries supporting global clinical trials providing primary endpoint data and supporting documentation.  Canfield has supported over 2,000 clinical studies, worked worldwide with thousands of clinical study sites, and has been retained by many of the world's leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.  Canfield's imaging equipment leads the industry providing high-quality, registered, reproducible clinical images.  This, together with proactive clinical image monitoring and a world class quality assurance regimen, sets the gold standard in image quality for clinical studies.

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