An Overhead Lighting Environment for Clinical Assessment of Facial Skin Aging Attributes

The OLÉ® Imager is an Overhead Lighting Environment (OLÉ) imaging system which emulates how the subject’s face is perceived by the human eye in everyday settings. The systems combines a high-resolution digital color camera with application-controlled xenon flash sources for standardized facial imaging.

OLÉ® Imager

OLÉ Imager Rotating Canopy

The imaging system canopy provides overhead lighting that illuminates the subject's face with vertical and oblique raked light that mimics natural lighting and enhances topographical skin attributes (e.g., fine lines, wrinkles, and texture).

With no secondary reflections, the OLÉ Imager also provides better axis-based polarized lighting, used for analysis of sub-dermal skin attributes (e.g., pigmented spots). Industry standard perspectives of the face (frontal and oblique views) are captured by rotating the canopy around a stationary subject.

OLÉ Imager Rotating Canopy

Multi-Modality Imaging

With open environment, raked and obliquely oriented illumination, the OLÉ Imager emulates how the subject's face is perceived by the human eye in everyday settings. Consistency and reliability of the imaging system is demonstrated using measurement of color standards within the captured image frame. Examples showing detection and measurement of wrinkles, fine lines, texture, and pores demonstrates the imaging system's capability in objectively evaluating the appearance of skin aging attributes. The OLÉ Imager will improve both visual and objective assessment of facial skin attributes in clinical studies.

OLÉ Imager Rotating Canopy White Light
OLÉ Imager Rotating Canopy Cross Polarized
OLÉ Imager Rotating Canopy Parallel Polarized

Reproducibility and Reliability

Color and intensity values for 8 Macbeth gray color standards were measured from white-light, cross-polarized, and parallel-polarized images (n=1,000).

Less than 1 gray level variation in median R,G,B values was observed across all lighting modalities. The standard deviation in light intensity for white-light, cross-polarized, and parallel-polarized images were 0.82, 0.73, & 1.13 respectively.

Quality of polarization evaluated as a ratio of median intensity measured on the reflective metal chip in cross and parallel polarized images indicates attenuation of spectral reflectance by a factor of 30.


Seamless Image Analysis Using VAESTRO (Sold Separately)

Analysis scripts precisely detect, measure and count the photographic evidence in facial features, helping you substantiate claims and advance your research.

RBX Brown RBX Brown
Wrinkles and Fine Line Detection Wrinkles and Fine Line Detection
Pores Pore Detection

Tech Specs


Recommended Computer System:
  • Intel Core I7-4770 Processor Quad Core HT, 3.40GHz
  • Windows 10 or 11 Professional, 64 bit
  • Windows Home Edition & Windows VISTA – NOT SUPPORTED
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 2 TB SATA Hard Drive
  • 2 USB Ports dedicated for OLÉ and camera
  • CD/DVD-R/W Drive
  • High Speed Internet capable for remote testing and diagnosis
  • Monitor: 1920 x 1080


Canfield Support
  • 1-year limited warranty, including support & upgrades
  • Includes software feature improvements and enhancements
  • Canfield Care available


OLÉ Imager
  • 1-year limited warranty, including support
  • Canfield Care available
All Cameras
  • 1-year limited manufacturer warranty
Dell Computer
  • 3-year limited warranty, including on-site, next day service from Dell, in the US


OLÉ Imager Training
  • On-site training by Canfield is available, contact us for pricing and additional information.