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Canfield Expands Educational Webinar Series with two New Classes

Our extensive online webinar series now includes real time instruction on two advanced imaging systems for dermatological, plastic surgery and aesthetic practices. Learn how to facilitate consultations and create effective photo documentation with Studio (Custom & Intellistudio) instruction on camera, lighting, posing and proven techniques to achieve clinical quality photographs. Our new VEOS class walks users through set up, configuration and exporting dermoscopic images from the iPhone app in one concise, 30-minute training webinar.

Canfield Launches Commercial Version of VECTRA WB360 3D Whole Body Imaging Solution

Continuing a 30 year tradition of breakthrough skin imaging innovations, Canfield Scientific completed the commercial launch of the whole body, 3D imaging system called the VECTRA® WB360, at the 75th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology in Orlando, Florida.  Designed primarily for dermatology, this state-of-the-art system simultaneously captures the entire exposed skin surface using 46 stereo vision pods and produces a single high-resolution 3D image.  After undergoing rigorous use at four (4) skin cancer centers over the last three years, the VECTRA WB360 has been proven the most advanced solution for skin cancer screenings, providing potentially life-saving information to clinicians.  Other applications of the VECTRA WB360 include reviewing skin conditions such as psoriasis, vitiligo, CTCL, neurofibromatosis and for burn management, lymphedema management, and plastic and reconstructive surgery, since accurate body surface area measurements are only possible with 3D and 360 degree imaging. 

The VECTRA 3D system shows Dr. Oz his expected results from cosmetic procedures

A segment on the Dr. Oz show, “3 Things to Ask a Doctor before Having a Cosmetic Procedure”, demonstrates how VECTRA 3D can help answer the question “Am I the right candidate for this particular procedure?” Using a VECTRA H1 camera and the simulation tools in Face Sculptor software, Dr. Michael Jones shows how Dr. Oz could benefit from surgical and non-surgical facial procedures.

VECTRA® XT Now with 360° Body Imaging

Fairfield, NJ. - Canfield Scientific, the world leader in 2D and 3D clinical photography, announced the latest ground-breaking capability of 360° body imaging in high resolution 3D, at the annual meeting of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) in Montreal, Canada. With this new feature, a front and back view of the patient is automatically stitched together into a single, seamless wraparound image, giving the physician and patient an unprecedented understanding of the structural and aesthetic appearance of a patient's body.

Canfield Scientific Named Exclusive Worldwide Distributor of PRIMOS 3D

Demonstrating its commitment to delivering best in class clinical research solutions, Canfield Scientific has been named the exclusive worldwide distributor of the highly respected PRIMOS family of 3D optical systems. PRIMOS systems are the recognized standard in small-field, 3D surface skin imaging for clinical research in-vivo measurement. Beginning immediately, Canfield will become the sole supplier of PRIMOS systems worldwide.

Canfield Releases Mirror medical imaging software version 7.4 with support for ViewMyConsult Patient Portal, iPad consultation app and 4K monitors.

Fairfield, NJ - Canfield Imaging Systems has released a new version of their Mirror® medical imaging software. Mirror 7.4 adds a host of new features and capabilities to the world's most widely used software package for clinical image management, capture, simulation and patient consultation. Enhancements now available include:

Study concludes VISIA CR imaging can automate acne evaluation for treatments and clinical studies

A recent study published in the July issue of the "Journal of Drugs in Dermatology" evaluates the effectiveness of the VISA CR in counting and classifying acne lesions. "Auto-Classification of Acne Lesions Using Multimodal Imaging" shows a high degree of correlation between evaluations performed manually a physician, and those performed automatically using VISIA CR imaging technology. The peer reviewed article based on this study was a collaborative effort between researchers from Canfield Scientific, Inc and the Proctor & Gamble Company.

Publication by Dr. Nicole Rogers details use of Canfield digital dermoscopy system to diagnose hair and scalp conditions

When Nicole Rogers, M.D. needed a better dermatascope to diagnose hair and scalp disorders, she found the answer in one of Canfields revolutionary new digital dermoscopy systems. Unlike other devices she had used, it's open design did not change the direction of affected hairs or blanch certain features such as erythema. She was particularly pleased with the way it allowed her to easily take photos and then instantly share them with her patients, helping to inform and educate them about their disease process. Furthermore, she found that In cases of women with early androgenetic alopecia, which can be difficult to diagnose, "this device has shortened examination time for the author and virtually eliminated the need for scalp biopsy."

What 20% of women want and only 1% get. New technology personalizes breast augmentation results

New York, NY. - A dream that many women share is improved appearance through breast augmentation. But while almost 20% have considered breast implants, only a small percentage of them ultimately realize that dream, often deterred by uncertainty over the outcome. Now, technology from Canfield Imaging Systems helps them decide on the look they desire and connects them to a practice that will deliver on the promise of their dreams. "This technology has created excitement for my patients," remarked Toronto plastic surgeon, Mitchell Brown M.D., "and it has enabled improved communications with them about potential surgical outcomes."

Most Leading Surgeons Now Rely on 3D Powered Consultations

Atlanta, GA - At the 28th Annual Atlanta Breast Surgery Symposium, speakers included some of the most prominent names in aesthetic medicine. And this year, 9 of the 11 speakers at the Breast Augmentation Forum had one thing in common; their practices rely on 3D photography for patient consultations. These leading surgeons represent the vanguard of the growing numbers that have made VECTRA® 3D aesthetic simulation the gold standard for patient consultations.